4 Cape Town Team Building Activities Your Organization Can Use

cape-town-team-buildingIf you operate or manage people, it does not matter if you are a business or a nonprofit organization. If your personnel do not get along and know how to work together, your establishment risks anything from inefficiency to being downright ineffective. Build up the spirit of your people with one of these 4 Cape Town team building activities.

1) Call SA Forest Adventures for a Cape Town Zipline Tour. Your physically fit employees can enjoy one of the longest and highest zip lines of the entire continent within the confines of the city itself. Teamwork is essential as your people enjoy seven lines totaling over two kilometers, one of which is over a hundred and fifty meters over the canyon’s floor. This all takes two memorable hours, but also gives incredible views of the local city and mountains. For more team building activities through SA Forest Adventures, consider clay sculpting, amazing races, and potjies competitions.

2) Visit Hint Hunt for nonviolent team building. This escapist activity proves very engaging to all those involved, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being bored in this company activity. Your team members get basically trapped in a room that looks, appears, and feels normal. However, as the hour they have to escape whittles by, they will soon discover just how cleverly the room was designed. It takes ingenuity and collaboration to get out of these hour-long escape scenarios, and there are a number of other mentally stimulating activities here as well.

3) Take them on a Twilight Team Run. This annual race of five kilometers is just enough to keep people in shape and give them a reason to exercise a little. The team aspect comes from the fact that your people can team together to support a common cause, such as Community Chest of the Western Cape. Typically run on the initial Tuesday of each December, participants are encouraged to dress like each other in packs of four, five, or six. How crazy can your folks dress? Can the Star Trek crew make getting to the finish line first their Prime Directive, or will the Jedi of Star Wars prove the Force is with them? Rent a hospitality site for an after party chance for team members to remember the universe is big enough for all passions.

4) Battlefield Live Laser Tag is a great way for your employees or members of your organization to develop some sense of chemistry and teamwork. This game is a military simulation that is sure to get adrenaline flowing for all the participants involved. Using high-tech infrared equipment and war paint, your employees can band together by department, shift, or even gender and employ creative tactical and strategic thinking against one another. You can even add catering to make sure that your soldiers have the fuel they need to go to war.

When you run a business or organization and want to boost the chemistry, morale, and problem-solving abilities of your personnel, use one of these 4 Cape Town team building activities to get the job done.