Bolle Prescription Sunglasses and Quality Sports Eye Wear

Sports eye wear offer a range of fantastic sports eye wear in both prescription and non-prescription form. These sunglasses come with a range of fantastic features which include different lens treatments and added items such as some come with an adjustable strap for a better fit. They all come in arrange of different colours and styles too, which means everyone can find at least one pair that fits their needs. They offer sunglasses from a range of popular brands such as Maui Jim, Ray Ban and Dirty Dog. They categorise their sunglasses under the sport they can be used for although some are also good for other sports too. All of the sunglasses that they have are comfortable, high quality, long lasting and durable, so you won’t have to be buying new ones as frequently which can be very costly. In this article I will talk about a few pairs of sunglasses that they offer for sports such as cycling, golf and tennis. Make sure to get your own bolle prescription sunglasses.

A pair of sunglasses which are ideal for cycling are the Bloc Titan AGH630S; these sunglasses are available in prescription form too. They are matt black with a prescription insert, they use light vermillion lenses to help with contrast against blue and green in sports. They have a sun rating of 1 and have TTF adjustable nose pads. They offer maximum UVA and UVB protection.

Then a pair of the prescription sunglasses that they offer for when playing golf would be the Bolle Bolt S prescription. They come in matt black, pink and shiny white; plus they only come in one size which is small. The lens material options are polycarbonate or if you’re willing to pay a bit more then they offer the option of TRIVEX. These sunglasses have a huge range of lens tints and coatings available including TNS fire, modulator rose and polarised offshore blue. They only have one AR coating available which is the Bolle multi AR coating polycarbonate. For the lenses they have used B thin active design prescription technology. They have also had three treatments which are the oleophobic, hydrophobic and anti fog treatments.

Lastly, a pair of the sunglasses they offer which are ideal for when playing tennis would be the Versport apolo sunglasses. These come in black and green, blue and grey, and red and grey. The lens material can either be CR39 or polycarbonate, and the lens tint and coating available is clear. These sunglasses come with a headband, an adjustable strap, a screwdriver, anti fog protection and a semi rigid case.